We're sorry.

We are so, SO, sorry.

All these years we've been pretending to be haunted making up stories about evil dentists, crazy cults, dark carnivals... It was all to help promote Literally, a Haunted House. We were just being creative.

But we've done something very, very foolish.

We've unearthed something. Something really bad. So bad that working on the Haunt has become near impossible.

We've always had weird things happen in the Carriage House and we all have just gotten used to the odd sounds, flickering lights and tools and props going missing.

Things got more intense when the work crew started digging up the sidewalk this year. It's part of a major project to restore the original cast iron fence. The whole limestone foundation and ground had to be dug up. And a few strange things were found in the earth: coins, a metal cameo, a couple of bullet casings, a few unidentified bones, some with primitive looking carvings.

All through the summer while we tried to build the Haunt the activity kept increasing. Several nights we left early, practically fled out of the building because of the loud knocks, moving objects and light failures.

Then the growls and voices started.

We even brought in a priest to bless the house, hoping this would calm everything down before we opened for the season, but that seemed to just make everything worse.

But, we are determined to have a Haunt this year. Please bare in mind that you may experience some things that the volunteers and staff (what's left of us) have no control over. You are entering Literally, a Hunted House at your own risk.

From our humble beginnings, when the Haunted House was only a small stop on the Jaycee Spook Run, run by 10 people and raising a meager $500, we've evolved into a major production that takes more than 9 months in the planning, not to mention over 80 volunteers to keep it going during October.

Yes, volunteers. Every creature you encounter at Literally, a Haunted House, living and not, is not getting paid, but is here out of the kindness of his or her heart, brain, and guts to give you the scare of a lifetime

So, where does your admission price go? Every penny we raise goes directly into the restoration of the historic Culbertson Mansion. All of this effort brings in over $30,000 every season. Since the beginning, we've raised over $700,000! And you can see the results of our effort when you visit the Culbertson Mansion.

The Carriage House; however, is another story...

Originally, the Culbertson Mansion's Carriage House sheltered the family's horse and buggy. After the Mansion was auctioned off at the turn of the century, the Carriage House fell into disuse. During the days of the American Legion ownership from 1946 to 1964, the Carriage House was restored and reopened for parties and musical events.

In 1987, the Friends of the Culbertson Mansion started using the Carriage House for Literally, a Haunted House. Over the years, the Mansion staff and volunteers have reported unusual occurrences in the old Carriage House: electrical problems, missing items, strange sounds after hours and mysterious figures moving from room to room. It's not unusual for the motion-activated security alarm system to get set off by something moving around late at night. A few staff members and past volunteers have even refused to work in the building because of personal experiences with the unexplained.